Short Stories

hawaii pacific

The Night You Lost Your Pension

Hawaii Pacific Review, January 2019. Literary

Greek Gods with Machine Guns

Rathalla Review, May 2019. Literary

Big Huge Blow Out Liquid Dynamite Sale

Empyroeme, October 2018. Free to Read, Humorous, Weird Western

In this weird western tale, a goblin gets help from an unlikely source to become the richest person west of the Mississippi, but a bigger creature has its canines set on the same goal.


Snake Pit

Free to read. Fantasy.


A slave girl turned gladiator, trained by legendary fighter the Viper, stands on the baking sand of the Colosseum awaiting the most important battle of her life – with the Viper himself…Click here to read or watch.

Published by the Liars’ LeaguePerformed by Grace Cookey-Gam.

Les Morts of the Big Easy

Pay to read. Science fiction with horror elements.



Free to read. Humorous. Magic Realism.

What would a whiskered cat-nip addict do if it got back one of its nine lives? Published in The Common Oddities Speculative Fiction Sideshow.

common oddities speculative fiction sideshow

“The Divine & Infernal Top-Secret Mission to Stop the False Apocalypse”

We’ve Been Trumped. Darkhouse Books (October 2016)

I mean…you’re just going to have to read it.

Pay to read. Humorous. Absurd fantasy.



“Four moth heads stood over me while I lay on an operating table. They had split my abdomen wide open, and one of them held my liver in two claws while licking with its long straw of a tongue.”

Free to read. Bizarro fiction.

Published in Jersey Devil Press May 2016.


Life After 20

Life’s pretty random when your every move is decided by the roll of a dice. But when Fate (or the Dungeon Master) puts a cynical sword-wielding beauty in your way, it suddenly seems worth surviving the game.

Free to read. Humorous fantasy.

Watch it performed on YouTube!

life after 20

Flash & Micro Fiction

“I Need You to Say What I Already Know”. Pay to read. Literary elements. It’s All Trumped Up. Editors Josh Fisher and Paul Clifton (October 2016).

its all trumped up

“Neither Here nor There”. Free to read. Literary elements. Microfiction Monday Magazine (December 2015). Online:

“Tolkienesque Spaceship”. Drabble Harvest #7. Alban Lake Publishing (August 2016):