Glass-Guarded World Debut Part 2

Here’s the conclusion of Aster & Gasten’s heist story.

It’s interesting listening to your own voice. Looking forward to more opportunities to do these types of creative ventures. Mike does a great job with this podcast, too. A great DM that really puts a smorgasbord of skills on display to pull this whole thing off.


Glass-Guarded World: Guest Player Debut

Thanks to a hurricane messing up the personal lives of the performers, I was able to serve as a guest player for Tales from the Glass-Guarded World, an actual play D&D podcast.

This is a great podcast with a fascinating fantasy setting and great musical compositions. The world is trapped behind a layer of glass, and water has stopped falling from the sky into the rivers. It seems the heroes have a ticking clock to figure out how to either save or escape from the world.

In this guest appearance, I play Gasten, a halfling bard leading the troupe “Soothing Symphonia”. He’s the adoptive father of Aster, played by Chris. I unleash my spectacular French accent which should leave the internet in a tizzy. To listen, click below, or subscribe to the pod in iTunes. Make sure to give it a review as it’s still in the hunt for enough ratings.