Rat Queens: Buy This Now

While perusing products on Amazon prime day (a very overrated affair), I stumbled upon the Rat Queens, my new all-time favorite comic book. At $6, you can’t turn this down. Great art, laugh-out-loud funny, good story, and many promises for character development in future volumes.

Buy it already. Stop whatever you’re doing and buy it. Just stop breathing, drop your baby on the floor, navigate over to amazon and get this thing in your hands ASAP. Then pick that baby back up, you monster.


New Project: Pathfinder 2nd Edition Live-Play Podcast

Sometime next year, I’ll produce a live-play podcast for the Pathfinder Role Playing Game 2nd edition.

The concept revolves around playing a tabletop RPG, such as Dungeons and Dragons, and recording the session. This type of entertainment has grown in popularity, with Critical Role serving as the most successful example. There are hordes of other shows with varying degrees of success. My favorite is the Glass Cannon Network which has expanded to three different shows and many of its players are nearly full-time professionals (I don’t expect such successes, but it will be fun to try).

The best shows have players with acting experience. Rather than try to gather up a group of players and enhance our acting skills, I’m going to recruit local (Tallahassee, FL) actors and teach them to play.

Improv skills are of utmost importance because there’s rarely a script. Crafting a unique voice and character are great, and a sense of humor keeps the audience engaged. Please contact me (josh.james.jordan@gmail.com) if you’d be interested.

Excessive Bonus Details:
  • Dungeons and Dragons is the household name, but the second largest game is called Pathfinder. The publisher is releasing their 2nd edition of the game next year, and they’re publishing a playtest version this August.
  • I would like for the show to launch a month or so after the release of their game. That gives me a lot of time to build a group, make intro music, and prepare for other technical issues
  • Before the final version of the game comes out, I’d like for the group to synergize a bit playing “off-air” for a few months. We’ll also to learn the basic concepts behind the rules
  • Women are underrepresented in the gaming community and we can’t produce a show without them


Snake Pit; Liars’ League Performance by Grace Cookey-Gam

Grace Cookey-Gam does a great job with this work and as always Katy Darby fixed a bunch of kinks in the story before the performance.

It was difficult for me to watch the first time because it’s overwhelming to see something you’ve written be performed by a talented actor. It’s really kind of humbling.

Also, I like how her British accent makes my writing seem smarter than it is. Bravo!