Big Huge Blow Out Liquid Dynamite Sale

empyreomeEmpyreome has published my short story “Big Huge Blow Out Liquid Dynamite Sale” in their October 2018 issue. You can read the story free by clicking here:

In this weird western tale, a goblin gets help from an unlikely source to become the richest person west of the Mississippi, but a bigger creature has its claws wrapped around the same goal.

After reading it, my dad asked me what drugs I was on. I told him my meds for blood pressure and cholesterol.


Rat Queens: Buy This Now

While perusing products on Amazon prime day (a very overrated affair), I stumbled upon the Rat Queens, my new all-time favorite comic book. At $6, you can’t turn this down. Great art, laugh-out-loud funny, good story, and many promises for character development in future volumes.

Buy it already. Stop whatever you’re doing and buy it. Just stop breathing, drop your baby on the floor, navigate over to amazon and get this thing in your hands ASAP. Then pick that baby back up, you monster.

Snake Pit; Liars’ League Performance by Grace Cookey-Gam

Grace Cookey-Gam does a great job with this work and as always Katy Darby fixed a bunch of kinks in the story before the performance.

It was difficult for me to watch the first time because it’s overwhelming to see something you’ve written be performed by a talented actor. It’s really kind of humbling.

Also, I like how her British accent makes my writing seem smarter than it is. Bravo!